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What is the Print Store powered by Collage?

Collage is an online store offering fun custom photo products like cards, blankets, mugs, coasters, socks, and more! ShootProof has partnered with Collage to bring your clients more options for buying and gift-giving through the new Print Store, powered by Collage.

Gallery visitors access the Print Store from within the gallery, with just one click. Gallery images automatically populate in the Print Store, making it easy for clients to design and purchase their own custom photo items. Each time a visitor purchases from the Print Store, you earn a payout!


Who can use the Print Store powered by Collage?

The Print Store powered by Collage is available to US studios with ShootProof Pay enabled as their payment processor. Click here to learn more about ShootProof Pay.


How much do I earn through Print Store sales?

You'll earn a 30% payout on Print Store purchases, including products and shipping, after any applicable discounts. Studios do not earn margin on taxes and fees.


When will I be paid the margin I earned for my client's order?

When your client's order ships, your payout is sent to your ShootProof Pay account. The funds will become available for payout according to your ShootProof Pay payout schedule.


Can I choose which items to sell through the Print Store and set my own pricing?

Product pricing in the Collage Print Store is set according to e-commerce best practices and is not editable. If you'd like to curate your own product selection and pricing, you may choose to offer your clients the Traditional Print Store experience through ShootProof's professional partner labs. 


Can I keep my existing price sheet on a gallery and also sell through the Print Store?

Not at this time. When you enable the Shopping Cart, you must select whether you'd like your clients to purchase through a traditional price sheet, or through the Print Store, powered by Collage. You can change the shopping experience at any time, so if you'd like to sell through a traditional price sheet for a time, then switch to the Print Store (or vice versa), you can do that! Just know that any items in traditional carts will be removed when you make the switch.


Can I sell digital files through Print Store?

At this time, you cannot sell digital files through the Print Store. However, if you have Digital Rules set up in your gallery, clients can still download free digital files. 


Will watermarks applied in my ShootProof Gallery appear in the Print Store and will they print on items my client purchases through the Print Store? 

When gallery images are populated in the Print Store, ShootProof watermarks are retained for viewing purposes. When your clients place an order, the watermark is removed.

Does Collage automatically color correct my images?

No, Collage does not color correct images.


Can my client cancel their Print Store order after placing it?

Clients can cancel their order for 30 minutes after placing it, using the link in their order confirmation email. After 30 minutes, the order will go into production and can no longer be canceled.


Can I track shipping on my client's Print Store orders?

When your client's order ships, they'll receive a notification with tracking info, and the order page will update with tracking info as well. 


Does Collage ship to APO boxes overseas?



What if my client isn't satisfied with their Print Store order?

If your client isn't satisfied with their order, will replace the product or issue a refund. See Collage's Just Right Guarantee, and encourage your clients to contact


Can I disable the automatic discount my clients receive in the Print Store?

All orders through the Print Store receive Collage's standard incentive discount. You cannot disable the discount. 


How do I help my client with their Print Store order?

If your clients need help with a Print Store order, please have them contact Collage support directly at or 888-797-1902. Phone support is available Monday–Friday: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET and weekends: 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. ET.


Why is my Client's info not displaying on their order page?

If you see a Print Store order under Commerce > Orders with no client details, that means the person who placed the order selected a shipping address in California. According to California law, we are unable to show the name and address of people who order through third-party services like the Print Store powered by Collage.


Once my client's gallery expires on ShootProof, do the photos disappear on their Collage page? Or can they order any time in the future if the ShootProof gallery expires?

The images will be stored in Collage for your client to order, even if their gallery has expired.


How is my tax reporting affected by Print Store sales?

Sales tax: collects sales tax and reports on it where appropriate. However, your business is not affiliated with Collage in any way, so the sales tax is not collected on your behalf, as your business is not the entity making the sale. 

Income tax: If you have tax-related questions about the margins you earn through Print Store, please inquire with your tax professional.






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