How do I enable 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) in my account?

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Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, adds an additional layer of security to your ShootProof account. It allows you to require an extra login credential, in addition to your username and password,  shared through a secure message to your cellphone or a designated app. This feature helps to ensure that only you and your users can gain access to your ShootProof account.  Any time you log in to ShootProof from a new device, you'll be required to enter an authorization code.


In this article, you'll learn:

Two-Factor Authentication FAQs

How do I turn on two-factor authentication for my login?

How do I turn off two-factor authentication for my login?


Two-Factor Authentication FAQs

Is two-factor authentication required to use ShootProof?

Two-factor authentication is not required in order to use ShootProof, but it is required to use ShootProof Pay. 

However, we strongly recommend you enable this additional security for all of the users on your account, as accounts protected by two-factor authentication are far more secure than those only relying on a username and password. 


What happens if I lose my authentication device?

If you're unable to access your phone or authenticator app and cannot log in to your account, reach out to our Support team to assist you. You'll be required to verify information about yourself and/or your ShootProof account so our team can disable two-factor authentication on your account. Please email our Support team from the main email address associated with your account if you need assistance.


Can I require other users on my ShootProof account to have two-factor authentication on their login credentials?

It's currently not possible to require other users on your account to enable two-factor authentication. Each user needs to set up two-factor authentication for their own username.* You can see if other users have two-factor authentication enabled by going to the Users & Permissions page within your ShootProof account.

*If a user is unable to access the Users & Permissions section, they will need to pair with the account owner to edit their user settings.


Are there other options for two-factor authentication if I don’t want to provide a telephone number, or if I'm not located in the US?

Yes! You have two options when setting up two-factor authentication within your ShootProof account. Choose between text message authentication (US only) or using an authenticator application that does not require a phone number.


I use two-factor authentication and am getting a new phone. Do I need to do anything in advance?

If you use text message authentication and are keeping your same phone number, no action is required. 

If you use the authenticator app option, disable two-factor authentication on your account and reactivate it once you have set up the authenticator app on your new device.



How do I turn on two-factor authentication for my login?

Set up two-factor authentication for your username by going to Users & Permissions, then clicking your username. Click the blue Enable Two-Factor Authentication button at the bottom of that page.


Next, choose which method of authentication you would like to use:

  • Text Message (US studios only) - This will send an authorization code to the phone number you enter. Whenever you need to reauthorize, an authentication code will be texted to you at this number. 
  • Authenticator App - Download an authenticator app (ie 1Password, Authy, LastPass Authenticator, or Microsoft Authenticator) to your phone. You'll find your authentication code in the app.


Once you've successfully set up two-factor authentication, we'll send an email confirmation to the user's email address.

Any time you log in to ShootProof from a new device, you'll be required to enter an authorization code.


How do I turn off two-factor authentication for my login?

Remove two-factor authentication for your username by selecting the username from the Users & Permissions page within your account. Then click the red button labeled ‘Remove Two-Factor Authentication' at the bottom of the page. When prompted, enter the authentication code, which will either be texted to you or shown in your authenticator app. We'll send an email confirming that it has been disabled for your username.