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Getting started with ShootProof and want a hand? Our Pro Services Team is here to help! Get personalized account assistance from our team of ShootProof experts. 

What are ShootProof Pro Services?

Pro Services are one-on-one live sessions with a member of our ShootProof Pro Services team. They'll help get your account set up exactly how you want and provide helpful tips and resources that'll set you up for ShootProof success. We have several packages available so you can pick the one that's best suited for your needs. 

Are ShootProof Pro Services right for me?

ShootProof Pro Services are a great option for anyone getting started with ShootProof who wants a little head start. Our packages offer in-depth, one-on-one training that will help get your account up and running fast. 

What are the Pro Services packages?

We have three Pro Services packages for you to choose from.

All sessions will be recorded and emailed to you afterward, along with a packet of additional resources and information to help you continue with your ShootProof journey. 

Share Package 

Price: $60

Our in-house team of ShootProof experts will complete a 60-minute, live session with you to show you how to share your work and customize your ShootProof account to best meet your needs. This session will go over gallery creation, sharing, and proofing, as well as show the gallery experience from the client's view.

As part of this account setup, we'll help you:

  • Brand your account, including adding your logo, setting your brand colors, and creating a watermark.
  • Establish your default gallery settings to make it quick and easy to customize each gallery that you upload.
  • Configure your ShootProof Portfolio Website to best suit your workflow.
  • Create one example gallery within your account using placeholder images. 

Shoot & Sell Package

Price: $100

This package includes multiple live sessions (for a total of 90 minutes) that will help you get ready to sell prints, digitals, and more, to your clients. We'll go over all features related to digital sales, product sales, payment collection, fulfillment options, and financial reporting.

This will cover everything in the Share package, as well as help you:

  • Build out one price sheet to include ShootProof-fulfilled digital products and up to 10 physical products.
  • Create up to two product packages for clients to purchase.
  • Create up to two discounts or promo codes for clients to apply during checkout.
  • Set up sales tax and custom shipping options, if desired.

Shoot, Sell, & More Package

Price: $200

Learn how to best utilize ALL that ShootProof has to offer! This package is comprised of multiple live sessions (a total of 120 minutes) that builds off of the Shoot & Sell package to cover contracts, invoices, and more. 

With this package, we will help you set up the following within your account:

  • Everything included in the Share and Sell account setup.
  • Create one invoice template, including up to 3 line items and 2 discounts.
  • Create one contract template using your existing contract wording.
  • Customize one email campaign from ShootProof’s pre-written templates to automate communication with your clients.
  • Customize one email template for use when sharing galleries with your clients.

How do I sign up for Pro Services?

To sign up for a Pro Services session just fill out the application linked below. If you have any questions about this service or your application, you can reach our Pro Services team at

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