What is the ShootProof Lightroom Plugin?

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If you’re an avid Lightroom user, you may find the ShootProof Lightroom Plugin an efficient way to manage the photos in your ShootProof galleries.

The ShootProof plugin is a Publish Service, so photos and album structures for your ShootProof Galleries are kept in sync and pushed directly from Lightroom to ShootProof. 

Using the Plugin eliminates the time and storage space usually taken when you export from Lightroom and Upload to ShootProof. After publishing photos to ShootProof using the plugin, edits you make in Lightroom can be republished directly to their ShootProof gallery, eliminating the need to export the same image after every edit.

This publish service works with Lightroom Classic for desktops. 

If this sounds like an upload tool you’d like to use, learn how to install the plugin in Lightroom here.

Note: When you install the plugin, the plugin will sync existing gallery and album names into Lightroom, but not the photos themselves. This is because images from existing galleries were likely not uploaded via Lightroom. Only photos uploaded via Lightroom will appear in your plugin.


The latest version of the ShootProof Lightroom plugin is 2.10. If you're unsure what version you have, click File > Plugin Manager and Select ShootProof. You'll see your current version under the Status section. If your version is not 2.10, click Check for Updates Now.