ShootProof Lightroom Plugin FAQ's

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Q: What is the most recent version of the ShootProof Lightroom plugin?

A. The latest version of the ShootProof Lightroom plugin is 2.10. If you're unsure what version you have, click File > Plugin Manager and Select ShootProof. You'll see your current version under the Status section. If your version is not 2.10, click Check for Updates Now. 


Q: If I want to add or delete images from a Gallery, or change an Album or Gallery name, should make those changes in Lightroom or ShootProof?

A: Always make changes to albums and photos in Lightroom, not in ShootProof.  If you do make changes in ShootProof, Lightroom will be out of sync with your ShootProof account.  If this happens, go to File > Plug-in Extras > Sync Events/Albums. 

Renaming a Gallery or Album in Lightroom will rename them in ShootProof upon Republishing.


Q: If I edit a photo in Lightroom and want to update my ShootProof Gallery, how do I do that?

A: Replacing a photo in Lightroom with an edited copy will replace the original photo in your ShootProof gallery if you keep the filename the same. Simply Publish the change.


Q: Why are the Albums in Lightroom in a different order than the Albums in ShootProof?

A: While you can reorder Albums in your ShootProof account by dragging and dropping them, Lightroom will always display them alphanumerically.

Q: How deep can my Album structure go?

A: Galleries can have up to 4 levels of Albums/Sub Albums.

Q: How can I edit the Export Settings in the Lightroom Plugin?

A: Adjust the Export Settings in Lightroom by right-clicking on the ShootProof logo in the Publish Services area, then click Edit Settings.


Q: Do I need to Delete old instances of the plugin before installing a newer version?

A: No, you should never Delete the plugin. You can update the plugin by clicking the Check for Updates button in the Plugin Manager. Deleting the plugin will remove images from your existing Galleries/Albums within Lightroom.

If you find that you need to remove the plugin, go to the Plugin Manager and Remove, then Add the new plugin.


Q: Why do I get this error message when I try to install the newest version of the ShootProof Lightroom Plugin?


This error indicates that you may have downloaded the Lightroom plugin multiple times. Follow these steps to download successfully:

  1. Go to your download folder and delete all instances of the "Shootproof.lrplugin" plugin file (some files may have a number appended to them - delete those as well)

  2. In your ShootProof account, go to Photos > Apps for Uploading and download the plugin once more

  3. In Lightroom, go to File > Plugin Manager

  4. Select ShootProof, then click Remove

  5. Click Add and select "Shootproof.lrplugin"

  6. Click Add Plugin, then click Done