Can I view client Favorites in Lightroom?

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In Lightroom, you can easily filter the photos your clients have chosen as Favorites in a gallery. You can use this workflow when clients use Favorites to select images for an album, or for retouching.

Tip: After your client has selected their favorites, they can click the Favorites button in the gallery, and then click the Share Your Favorites button to notify you that their selections are complete!

*If your filenames have spaces in them, this search capability may not work successfully.

Selecting a client's favorites and viewing them in Lightroom:

1. Go to Photos > Quick Actions for the specific gallery > Gallery Visitors

2. Click the number in the Favorites column beside the client's email address

3. Highlight and copy the filenames from the Filenames box

4. In Lightroom from the Library Module, select the folder from your catalog where the original files exist

5. Choose the Text option under the Library filter

6. Select Filename in the first dropdown box and choose Contains in the second dropdown box

7. Click in the text entry field and paste the filenames into the field

8. The Favorited files will automatically be filtered from the folder and displayed on the screen!