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Mobile Apps by ShootProof are apps that you create with up to 100 photos for your clients. The App can be shared with your clients via email and downloaded to their smartphones or tablets.

Your clients will have a beautiful custom app from their shoot on their mobile devices that include your studio logo and your contact information and can be shared through social media, by email and text, or simply shown to their friends and family.

Mobile Apps help spread word-of-mouth referrals to your photography business!


  • Your clients will be able to share a download link to their App via email, through Facebook, on Twitter, and on Pinterest. All Mobile App downloads retain your studio logo and contact information.
  • Include a link in the Mobile App to the associated ShootProof gallery, if one exists. Visitors will be able to click the link to visit the photo gallery, where it's possible to then favorite photos and purchase prints and products.
  • Photos are not able to be downloaded out of the Mobile App.
  • The photos in the Mobile App do not contain a watermark unless you apply a watermark to the images outside of ShootProof prior to upload.

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