What is a Mobile App?

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ShootProof Mobile Apps are apps that you create with up to 250 photos to share with your clients. They can download the app to their smartphones or tablets.

Apps include your studio logo and contact information and can be shared through social media, email, and text.

Mobile Apps help spread word-of-mouth referrals to your photography business!

Studios in any paid account can create an unlimited number of Mobile Apps with ShootProof!  Studios in the Free Plan can have up to 5 mobile apps at any given time.



Mobile Apps are different from the galleries you create in your ShootProof account.

Mobile Apps

Think of Mobile Apps as digital photo albums that your clients can take with them on the go.  Mobile Apps are installed on phones and tablets to be saved and shared with others.

Mobile Apps are used as word-of-mouth marketing tools, meaning clients can share the photos with family and friends but cannot download the photo files themselves. 

Clients are not able to Favorite or download images or purchase prints or products from a Mobile App; they are strictly visual.


Your photo galleries on ShootProof work on any device, including a computer, iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet, etc.  Galleries allow both buying and favoriting and require an internet connection to access and view.

In the client galleries, you can give visitors a shopping cart with which to make purchases, and clients can also favorite and share images. You can also sell digital downloads (or turn on the option for free downloads).