Can an Invoice be paid automatically? (Setting up AutoPay)

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Your clients can opt to enroll in AutoPay for an invoice, which means a credit card is stored safely and securely and charged automatically on the due dates of each installment for the invoice.

Both studio and client can add, edit, and remove cards on file for AutoPay.

AutoPay payments are processed directly after midnight on the due date. For example, if an installment is due on June 1st, the card on file will actually be officially charged on June 2nd at 00: 00:01 AM.

Keep in mind that if your client enrolls in AutoPay after missing an installment due date, any late installments will be charged at that time. For example,  if your client missed their June 1st installment and enrolled in AutoPay on June 2nd,  regardless of when the next installment is due, any previously missed payment(s) will process immediately upon enrollment in AutoPay. The amount due will display at the top right of the document for your client.

Individuals with a credit card enrolled in AutoPay will automatically receive emails notifying them when:

  • A payment is going to be made (7 days before the due date)
  • The credit card has been declined
  • A payment has been processed successfully (receipt)

Your studio will be sent an email automatically when:

  • A card enrolled in AutoPay has been declined
  • A card enrolled in AutoPay has failed (the system has tried several times and the card was declined each time) 

To set up AutoPay on the studio side:

1. Go to Commerce > Invoices > click on the invoice

2. Click “Add a credit card to this invoice” in the Payment Method area in the top left

3.  Enter the client’s credit card information

4. Click “Save”

The credit card on file can be edited and/or removed by following the same instructions.


Instructions for your clients to enroll in AutoPay:

AutoPay ensures that your invoice is paid on time! Enrolling in AutoPay means your credit card information will be securely saved on file. On the dates listed for each installment, the amount due will be automatically charged to the card.  You can turn off AutoPay at any time.

1. Click the link in the email to visit the Invoice page

2. Click the  “Set Up AutoPay” button in the top right corner

3. Enter the credit card details, ensuring that the information matches what is on file with the credit card company

4. Click “Save”