Can I add a discount to my client’s invoice or invoice template?

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Yes! You are able to add a discount to an invoice template, or an invoice that you are making from scratch.

Invoice discounts will need to be added to the invoice prior to the client’s first payment.

Your navigation bar might look a little different than what you see in our Help videos. Don’t worry! The guidance in our videos (and articles) is still accurate, regardless of where your navigation bar is located.

Create and Save an Invoice Discount

  1.  Go to Studio > Invoices > Discounts
  2.  Click the "New Discount" button
  3.  Enter the discount's name, choose a discount type, an amount, and a description
  4.  Click “Save”

Alternatively, you can save a discount when you're creating a new Invoice; simply select the “With a brand new discount” option and check the "Save this discount as a template" box before clicking “Add Discount.”

Use a Saved Discount

  1.  Go to Studio > Invoices > New Invoice
  2.  Click the Add Discount button and choose “With a discount template you’ve saved”
  3.  Select the Discount you want to add and click Next
  4.  Complete the rest of the invoice and send it to your client!