Miller's Shipping & Turnaround Times

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Miller's offers several shipping options through ShootProof, which can be seen below. The shipping rates below are flat rates, meaning that even if an order contains canvases or metal prints, the shipping cost to your studio does not increase for the order. 

Orders from our partner labs are shipped white-label, so your clients do not see any lab branding or costs with their order. 

Please note that shipping time does not include in-lab production time. 

In this article, you can learn about:

Shipping to the United States

Turnaround Times


Shipping to the United States (available to clients of U.S.-based studios)

$9.99 USD for Economy Plus (Prints only, up to 8x10, 15 items or less): 7-14 days in transit

$11.99 USD for Standard Shipping (Items 20x30 and smaller): 2-5 days in transit 

$24.99 USD for Expedited Shipping (Prints over 20x30): 1 business day in transit  

Learn about your options for charging your clients for shipping in your price sheets, which are independent of what the lab will charge you for shipping. 

Shipping multiple orders to the same address? Learn how to combine orders prior to lab submission to save your studio on shipping costs.

You can always change the shipping from what the client chose at checkout and the shipping address when you are approving the order to go to the lab (more on approving orders here).


Turnaround Times

The average turnaround times for prints and products from Miller's Lab are listed below. Keep in mind that any additional services (mounting, texture options, etc.) can add processing time to your order.

Please note that delivery times and production times are not guaranteed and do not include holidays or shipping times.

Typical turnaround time for prints is 24 hours in lab. 

Typical turnaround time for canvases, fine art prints, and metals is 2-3 days in lab. 


ShootProof handles the customer service for all orders submitted through ShootProof to Miller's. If it has been longer than the stated delivery times and you want to check on the order, please email us at Just include the ShootProof order number in your email and we'll take care of the rest!