How do I set up self-fulfillment in my account?

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Self-fulfilled items do not have the option of being sent to one of ShootProof's partner labs for printing. They are items that you will order on behalf of your clients at your own lab, outside of ShootProof.

You can set up an entirely self-fulfilled price sheet, or you can simply add self-fulfilled items to a lab-based price sheet. Either way, the self-fulfilled items will not be able to be printed through ShootProof's partner labs, even if other items in the order are lab-based and will be printed at a partner lab.

When a client places an order containing self-fulfilled items, you'll see them on the order page under the Self-Fulfilled tab.


Create a self-fulfilled price sheet

  1. Go to Commerce > Pricing

  2. Click Create Price Sheet

  3. Choose one of the following options:

    • Most Commonly Sold - This includes the most common prints and products
    • Blank - This price sheet is completely blank

  4. When prompted to choose a lab, select Self-Fulfilled
  5. Set up your price sheet 

Add self-fulfilled items to a lab-fulfilled price sheet

  1. Go to Commerce > Pricing

  2. Choose an existing lab-fulfilled price sheet or click Create Price Sheet and choose a lab

  3. Click on the category (Prints, Digital Media, etc.) where you'd like the item to appear

  4. Click the Add Products button in the top right and choose Add Self-Fulfilled Item
    • You will have the option to add a Common Self-Fulfilled Items, which suggests prints and products that are frequently added, or a Custom Self-Fulfilled Item, which you will create yourself. 

  5. Click Add Item