Refunding and Canceling Orders

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If you're using a payment gateway other than ShootProof Pay, you'll need to issue refunds outside of ShootProof through that gateway. If you need to document that you issued a refund for that order, add Internal Notes on the order page.

Studios using ShootProof Pay have 180 days to refund clients through ShootProof for any reason. It's quick and easy, and your clients will receive their refund within 5-10 business days.

If you don't have enough funds available in your ShootProof Pay account to cover the refund, your connected bank account will be automatically debited the difference. 

How to issue a refund:

1. Open the Order you'd like to refund

2. Click Payment Details, then Issue Refund

3. Enter the full or partial amount you'd like to refund

4. Add an optional note (notes are for your own use and will not be seen by your client)

5. Click Refund

Please note that with ShootProof Pay, clients are only charged at checkout for orders that do not contain any lab-fulfilled items, so if the order contains any lab-fulfilled items and has not been approved to go to the lab, you would not need to issue a refund. 

Are processing fees refunded?

When you refund a client, the processing fees are refunded to you. In the event that you make a partial refund, your refund will include a prorated portion of the processing fees.


Please note that orders that have been submitted to the lab can not be canceled. Our partner labs begin production on orders as soon as they are submitted, so it's not possible to change or cancel lab orders once you've approved them.

If you have an order for the lab that is still Awaiting Studio approval, or a self-fulfilled order that you do not intend to fulfill, you may want to cancel it so the status is properly reflected on the Orders page.

How to cancel an order:

1. Open the order you'd like to cancel

2. Click the drop-down menu in the top left of the page (next to the order number)

3. Select Canceled

Be aware that once you move an order to the Canceled status, it cannot be undone and can no longer be submitted to the lab. 

Canceling an order does not trigger a refund, so if you are canceling a self-fulfilled order the client has already paid for, you'll need to issue a refund using the steps above if applicable.