What mounting and texture options are offered through Miller's?

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Mounting Options

Miller's currently offers 3 types of mounting for print orders through ShootProof. Print mounting is a process where photographic prints are mounted to a substrate (matboard, styrene, foam, etc.) to enhance the presentation of the print and increase durability. 

Single Weight Matboard -   One of the most commonly requested mounting services! Both cost-effective and durable, matboard gives stability to your print. Depth is 50pt.

Double Weight Matboard -   Just like single weight matboard, double weight is a popular choice for mounting because of its affordability and durability. Depth is 1/8".

Styrene - Super smooth all plastic mounting substrate in black. As an all plastic board, it is not affected by humidity or moisture. Depth is approximately 2mm.  


Surface Modifications

Lustre Coating is an eco-friendly, non-flammable, roller-applied coating.  It provides superior protection against fingerprints and UV exposure, while also visibly enhancing the look of your print.

Surface Modifications are not available with Fuji Deep Matte paper.


Adding Mounting & Lustre Coating to Prints in any Miller's Lab Order

Mounting and Textures can easily be added to Miller's print orders during the lab order approval process in your ShootProof account. 

Before clicking the "Start Approval" button in any lab order, you can click the "Edit Item" link for any individual photo or product to view the mounting and texture options that are available, along with the cost associated with each option. Options and prices vary based on the print size that is ordered.

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