About The Print Refinery + ShootProof Partnership

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The Print Refinery is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba and serves professional photographers throughout Canada with printing fulfillment services. They are the supplier of comprehensive photo imaging for over 30 years.
The Print Refinery is driven by a love for the craft and a dedication to providing customers with excellence. Their passion and knowledge combined with their many years of experience has made them pretty savvy at what they do.
Their digital printers are state of the art and their lab is fully color managed with tightly calibrated and profiled paper types. This ensures accurate and consistent color every time.
The staff at The Print Refinery are photographers, designers, technicians, and creatives. They love what they do and care about printing your images. Whether you are a professional in the industry, a hobbyist, an artist or simply want beautiful prints of your loved ones The Print Refinery provides personalized service, consistent quality, and precision.
They ensure quick delivery of orders and their large range of services helps to fulfill almost any client need.
Let them do the work for you!

Printing with The Print Refinery 

ShootProof allows you to upload, share, and sell your work in public or private client galleries and The Print Refinery can provide print fulfillment for your orders. 

You do NOT need your own Print Refinery account to print with the Print Refinery through your ShootProof account! If you do have your own account, you will continue to receive the same level of quality and consistency that you have come to expect from the Print Refinery when submitting orders through ShootProof.

ShootProof handles the customer service for all orders submitted through ShootProof to the Print Refinery. For questions about an order or for general support, contact support@shootproof.com or (866) 516-5130 and we'll be happy to help!