Gallery Store FAQ

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What is the Gallery Store?
Gallery Store is a section in the galleries where your clients can shop by product first and then select the image. It shows in addition to their Photos section where they can shop by photo first. The Store section is accessed via the top navigation in the gallery, alongside the Photo, Favorites, and About sections. You can learn more about Gallery Store here. 


Can I disable the Gallery Store?
You can disable the Gallery Store by going to Photos > Galleries > Actions on the specific gallery > Settings > Shopping Cart.

You can also enable or disable it on multiple galleries at once by using the Bulk Actions tool. You can update that by going to Photos > Galleries > clicking the Select button under the galleries you want to update > Actions (right side of the page) > Bulk Actions. Then scroll down in the General Settings to the Store drop-down. 

Please note that disabling the Gallery Store only removes the Store section and the ability to shop by product first. Product renders will still show in the gallery when clients click the Buy Photos button. 


Can I choose the photos shown on the item categories in the Gallery Store?

You are not able to choose the photos shown on the categories in the Gallery Store. These photos are randomized and different images will show on the categories each time the page is refreshed. 


Can I turn off the in-room previews in the galleries?

Currently, there isn't a way to turn off in-room previews. In-room previews show on all items on the price sheet, with the exception of custom self-fulfilled items that are not grouped by size (see below). 

We are working on the in-room preview functionality based on feedback we've received. You can check our Release Notes page for updates about this. 

Can I upload my own room photos for the in-room previews?

No, we are unable to support that type of Augmented Reality experience.

You can add example photos to an item by clicking the Edit icon on the item in the price sheet. These example images will be shown alongside the in-room previews in the gallery.