What is Gallery Store?

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With the Gallery Store, your clients have a Store section in their galleries which allows for a product-first shopping experience. The Store shows all the available product Categories you have set up on your price sheets and allows clients to choose the product they want before they select the photo. 

Your clients' photos will be shown on the product renders. These photos are randomized and will be different upon every viewing. 

Once clients select a product in the Store, they choose the size and paper type and then the photo(s) that they want to purchase. 

Store Product Select.gif

How do I enable/disable Gallery Store? 

The Gallery Store will be on by default when you toggle on the Use Shopping Cart option in the Shopping Cart tab of the Gallery Settings. 

Toggling off the Enable Store option will only remove the Store section from the gallery. Your clients will still be able to purchase photos by using the Buy Photo button in the gallery. Product renders will still show when clients are shopping in the Photos sections. 

The Gallery Store can also be enabled or disabled on multiple galleries at once by using the Bulk Actions tool. You can update that by going to Galleries > All Galleries > clicking the Select button under the galleries you want to update > Actions (right side of the page) > Bulk Actions. Then scroll down in the General Settings to the Store drop-down. 

You can also enable the Gallery Store in your Gallery Presets by going to Galleries > All Galleries > Gallery Presets. 

Note: Please be aware that the product-first shopping experience may not be the best option for galleries that utilize password-protected albums and/or sub-albums or for high-volume galleries.