How do I add and edit a price sheet?

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You can create multiple price sheets in your account for your different pricing needs. Each price sheet can have products from one lab, but can also include self-fulfilled products, if you'd like. You can sync a price sheet with a gallery or galleries.

Galleries can only be linked to one price sheet at a time. Do note that if you change the price sheet on a gallery that has visitors with items in their carts, these carts will be cleared.



Creating a Price Sheet


  1.  Go to Commerce > Pricing > Create Price Sheet
  2. Choose to create one of the following price sheets:
    - Most Commonly Sold -- these will be the most common print sizes *This will include MSRP pricing.*
    - Blank -- this price sheet will not include any items
    - Duplicate a saved Price Sheet -- this will allow you to copy an existing price sheet if you already have any created.
  3. Select your lab and click Next
  4. Name your price sheet and click Create Price Sheet
  5.  Customize the price sheet to include the items you wish to sell at the prices you'd like your clients to pay.  
  • Check the box to the left of an item(s) and choose Delete Item in the top right
  • Click the "Add Lab Items" or "Add Self-Fulfilled" button to add another item
  • Use the Add Markup button to the top right to price your items for profit, or change the client prices individually in the Price column
  • Click on an item to Edit. Here you can Add a description for an item, determine if the item is taxable, and whether it requires any additional shipping. *Note: this shipping charge will be used in conjunction with the flat rate shipping set in the Shipping section of the Price Sheet Settings, and will be added for each item ordered.
  1.  Add items to other Groups (canvas, metals, etc.) by clicking the appropriate heading on the left. Use the Add Group button to create your own custom group of self-fulfilled items
  2.  Use the Price Sheet Settings button in the top left to manage:
  1.  Click Done to save!

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