Setting Up Shipping Options

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You can set up many different shipping options within your price sheets. This article will go over some shipping workflows you might want to know about, such as:

Shipping Options for Lab-fulfilled Price Sheets

Shipping Options for Self-fulfilled Price Sheets

Charging Additional Shipping on an Item

Not Charging Shipping on a Price Sheet

Giving a Promo for Free Shipping

Shipping Options for Lab-fulfilled Price Sheets

For lab-based price sheets, you can choose to automatically charge your client the same amount for shipping that the lab will charge you or you can add your own custom shipping pricing. You can set this up by clicking on the Shipping tab in the price sheet.

Use Lab Shipping 

This makes sure that the amount that the lab will charge you for drop-shipping is paid for by your client. To set this up:

  1. Go to Commerce > Pricing and then click on the individual price sheet

  2. Head up to the Shipping tab

  3. Select the Use Lab Shipping option to pass the amount that the lab charges you for shipping along to your clients

    • To view the lab’s shipping prices, click the blue View Lab Shipping Details link 

When using the Use Lab Shipping option, you can also choose to allow clients to pick a shipping speed at checkout. If you select this option, clients will see the various shipping speeds that the lab offers and will be able to choose and pay for the shipping speed they wish. 

Use Custom Shipping

You can also choose Use Custom Shipping to create your own custom flat rate shipping option(s). If you use this option, you will need to name your shipping options and then set the price for them.

Be aware that if you select the Use Custom Shipping option but do not add a shipping option then clients will not be charged for shipping. 

It's also important to remember when using Custom Shipping on a lab-fulfilled price sheet, that these shipping prices are just what's being charged to your client. You will still be charged for the lab's set shipping cost when you submit the order.

*If your client chooses a shipping address for a country that is not currently supported by the lab, the client will be charged ground shipping and the order will ship to your studio.


Shipping on Self-fulfilled Price Sheets

If you are working on a self-fulfilled price sheet, you will need to set your own flat rate shipping options in this same Shipping tab.

Once created, your clients will be able to choose the shipping option that they desire at checkout.

If you do not add a shipping option(s), the client will not be charged for shipping.

Charging Additional Shipping on an Item

In each price sheet you create, you can set an additional shipping charge for individual items.  

This added shipping charge will be applied in conjunction with the flat rate shipping set in the Shipping tab and will be added for each item ordered. For example, if the client orders 20 of an item with additional shipping added, this extra charge would be added 20 times, in addition to any flat rate shipping included on that price sheet. 

This method is ideal for photographers who have items shipped to their studio first and then re-ship them out to their clients or for self-fulfilled items that may incur unusually high shipping costs. This might also be necessary for photographers offering large or heavy self-fulfilled items which may be costly to ship.

This setup may not be ideal for regular-sized prints or for studios that have their orders sent directly to the client.

To set up shipping on a per-item basis within a price:

  1. Click Edit on the far right side of the item you wish to add additional shipping to

  2. Click Add Additional Shipping

  3. Enter in the amount of Additional Shipping you would like for this item

If you ever need to remove additional item shipping, return to edit the item and select the Remove Additional Shipping option. It will be visible on the price sheet which items have additional shipping added to them, 

Not Charging Shipping on a Price Sheet

If you already have the shipping cost included in your price and do not want to charge a flat shipping rate, you can set that up in the Shipping tab. 

To set up Free Shipping:

  1. Go to the Shipping area

  2. Use the Custom Shipping option

  3. Create a new shipping option titled “Free Shipping”

  4. Set price to $0.00

  5. Click Add

  6. Save!

Giving a Promo for Free Shipping

You can create a free shipping discount for your clients in a price sheet. Simply create a credit discount as described here: Credit Discounts

*Please note that if you allow your clients to choose their shipping speed and rate at checkout, this discount will work on any of the shipping speeds listed. For example, the client would have the ability to choose overnight shipping at checkout at no cost.

You always have the opportunity to override the client's choice in shipping during the Lab Approval Process. Learn more about approving orders here.