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Atkins Pro Lab offers mounting and color correction. These add-ons can only be added to orders by the studio after the client has placed the order. 

In this article, you will learn about the following add-ons for Atkins Pro Lab:


Adding Mounting to Prints 

Color Correction


Atkins Pro Lab offers the following mounting options:

Card Mounting - Available on prints size 5x7in to 12x18in. Also available on A3 and A4 prints.

Foamcore Mounting - Available on prints size 5x7in to 20x30in. Also available on A2, A3 and A4 prints.

Gatorboard - Available on prints size 60x60cm to 100x150cm and also on A1 prints. 



Adding Mounting to Prints 

Mounting  can easily be added to Atkins Pro Lab print orders during the order approval process in your ShootProof account. 

Before clicking the Start Approval button in any lab order, you can click the Edit Item link for any individual photo or product to view the mounting and texture options that are available, along with the cost associated with each option. Options and prices vary based on the print size that is ordered.

Color Correction

Atkins Pro Lab offers premium and standard prints to add to your price sheets. All premium prints offered by Atkins Pro Lab have color correction included. 

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