What is the Order Summary?

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The Order Summary provides you with the payment and profit breakdown of an individual order. 


To access the Order Summary:

1. Go to Commerce > Orders

2. Click into the order that you would like to view

3. Click Order Summary on the right-hand side of the page

Understanding the Order Summary:

  • Customer Delivery Info - This shows if the client chose to have the order shipped to their address or your studio address, and the shipping method selected.

  • Digital Download - If the order included digital downloads, view and access the download link sent to your client. Also, view whether your client has accessed this download link.

  • Redeemed Discounts - Displays which discounts, if any, were applied to this order.

  • Payment Breakdown - Breakdown of totals may include:

    • Client Owes - total amount that the client owes for the order
    • Collected at Checkout - total amount that was charged to the client's card (if you are allowing your clients to pay later via cash or check, this will be $0.00) 
    • Credit Card Processing - for studios using ShootProof Pay, this is the 2.9% + $0.30 processing fee applied to the amount that your client was charged
    • Lab Item Cost - total cost of the lab fulfilled items ordered
    • Lab Shipping - total cost of dropshipping the order
    • Lab VAT - total VAT collected from the lab for this order
    • Profit - total amount remaining after the above deductions. This total includes any tax collected from your client at check out.