How do I Upload Images to Albums Using the ShootProof Lightroom Plugin?

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If you haven’t already downloaded and installed the ShootProof Lightroom Plugin version 2.10, find out how here. You’ll need to complete those steps before proceeding. 

You can create an Album structure within the Lightroom Plugin which will automatically create and populate Albums within your ShootProof Gallery upon Publishing.

If you don't use Albums in your Galleries, you can find instructions on creating and publishing a Gallery without Albums here.

PRO TIP: Save time by duplicating the Album structure of an existing Gallery that was previously published through the ShootProof Lightroom Plugin. 


1. In the ShootProof Lightroom Plugin, right-click on the Plugin and click Create Gallery/Album. 



2. In the Name field, enter the name of the Gallery and click Create.

Be sure the Set field value is None. Choose the ShootProof Brand where the Gallery should upload to, and the Gallery Preset you’d like to use.



3. Right-click on the Gallery Name and click Create Gallery/Album to create your first Album. 


Make sure the value of the Set is the name of the gallery where you'd like the album to be nested.

When creating albums underneath the gallery, the Brand and Preset values are ignored - so don't worry if they differ from the values specified on the gallery above.


To create additional Albums, right-click on the Gallery Name and click Create Gallery/Album making sure to select the appropriate Set each time. Repeat this process to create as many nested Albums as you need. 


4. Right-click on each Album and select Create Photo Collection. 

Each Album must have a nested Photo Collection. This is where your Album images will reside. 



5. Drag and drop the images you’d like to include in each Album into its respective Photo Collection. 

The number beside the Photo Collection indicates how many images reside in the Album. 

This is the hierarchy you should see:


 Images to be published to ShootProof must always be in a nested Photo Collection. 


6. Click Publish beside the Import button at the bottom of your Library panel.



You’ll see a status bar at the top right indicating that Lightroom is Updating the Published Collections.


When the status bar is complete, your images are finished publishing to ShootProof!