How Do I Duplicate a Gallery Structure in the ShootProof Lightroom Plugin?

  • Updated

If you use the same Album structure for multiple Galleries, duplicate the structure of a previously created Gallery within the ShootProof Lightroom Plugin version 2.10.

For example, if you are a wedding photographer and always have albums for Getting Ready, Ceremony, Reception, you can duplicate that structure from a previously created gallery. 

To learn how to create an Album structure within the Lightroom Plugin, click here.


1. Click on the Gallery that you'd like to create a duplicate structure from.


2. Click File > Plug-in Extras > Duplicate Gallery Structure 



3. Complete the fields in the dialog box and click Duplicate Structure.
Enter the Gallery you wish to duplicate, the Brand you'd like to create the new Gallery under, and the Gallery Preset you'd like to use. Finally, enter the name of the new Gallery.


The new Gallery will appear, with nested Albums and their Photo Collections. 



4. Drag and Drop photos into the Photo Collections nested under the new Albums.


5. Click Publish beside the Import button at the bottom of your Library panel.



You’ll see a status bar at the top right indicating that Lightroom is Updating the Published Collections.


When the status bar is complete, your images are finished publishing to ShootProof!