Does ShootProof support multiple brands?

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*This feature is not available in all plans. To see the different plans or make changes to your plan, go to the Plan & Billing tab in your account.

If you run two separate businesses (i.e. one for wedding photography and one for commercial clients) and you have different websites and branding for each, you can set up galleries for both businesses inside ONE ShootProof account!  (All paid ShootProof accounts can have up to 4 separate brands housed within a single account.)

Does my studio need a second brand? 

Most photographers who use ShootProof will not need to create a second brand within their ShootProof accounts.

You might need to add an additional brand if:

  • you have two or more completely separate websites (i.e. and
  • you need to keep your invoicing and orders separate
  • you need your sales reports broken down by brand
  • your clients and contacts must be kept separate
  • you communicate differently with the clients in your brands, meaning you need very different email templates and different contact schedules


How do I add another brand to my ShootProof account? 

In your ShootProof account, you can add another brand by going to the "Account" area on the top right, and then by choosing "Contact Info." Here, you'll click "Add Brand" on the bottom left to enter the details about your additional brand.

You can edit your brands' information here, as well as delete a brand if need be. You can also choose a default brand.


How do I switch brands? 

To switch from one brand to another, click the star icon in the top right of your Studio Panel and choose the brand you'd like to work in!

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