Can I add multiple users to my account?

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You can add additional users to your ShootProof account and set their privileges. 

To add a user, follow these easy steps:

1. Go to the Account icon > Users & Permissions 

2. Click the New User button

3. Enter the user's specific information, and then give that user access to the different areas of your account by checking the box beside the particular functions you'd like that user to be able to View, Add, or Edit. 


It is also possible to have certain users in your account only see galleries that they personally have created. This can be useful if you have multiple photographers registered as users in your account, and they only need to see and manage their own galleries, rather than all galleries in the account.  

Here are the steps to enable this option for a particular user:

1. Contact ShootProof (send us an email, here!) to have this capability turned on in your account.

2. Go to the Account icon > Users & Permissions

3. Choose the user who should only be able to see galleries they've personally created and go to the Photos section.

4. You will now see the option labeled Only Created. Check the box to enable the option for this user.  

Once this option is enabled, the user will only see the galleries he or she has personally created when logged in.

The account owner (or any user without the Created Only checked), will see all galleries for the account, including an indication of who created the gallery next to the gallery name.