About the Black River Imaging + ShootProof Partnership

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Roy Dameron and his wife Martha began Dameron Color Labs in 1971 in a small, second-floor loft space in downtown Springfield, Missouri. In the years following, the business grew with a customer base well beyond its Midwestern roots and moved to a much larger plant.

In 2008 the name Black River Imaging (BRI) was chosen to reach today’s photographer—from the energetic enthusiast to the seasoned professional. Continual innovation in production and software, passionate leadership and team members, caring customer service, and reliability: these are the hallmarks by which Black River Imaging continues to grow and serve you.

Why BRI?

It’s simple. You didn’t pick up a camera to have your images socked away on a disc or in a folder. Your work needs to be enjoyed and shared—over the fireplace, on a holiday card, under a gallery light, in a wedding book. Black River's professional products, timely service, and excellent prices help bring your creativity to life.

You don’t compromise on quality. Neither does Black River.

You want your images to dazzle—whether on a canvas cover or a gallery-size metal print. Black River works to create products that look and feel good in your hands or on a wall. High quality shouldn’t mean high prices. They love a challenge and constantly innovate to bring you excellent value and products.

Time is money—save both.

Black River offers a wide range of professional products and finishing services to be your complete one-stop shop. Enjoy a quick turnaround time on most products.

Printing with Black River Imaging 

ShootProof allows you to upload, share, and sell your work in public or private client galleries and Black River Imaging can provide print fulfillment for your orders. 

You do not need your own Black River Imaging account to print with Black River Imaging through your ShootProof account! If you do have your own account, you will continue to receive the same level of quality and consistency that you have come to expect from Black River Imaging when submitting orders through ShootProof.

There are no order minimums when submitting orders to the lab through ShootProof.

ShootProof handles the customer service for all orders submitted through ShootProof to Black River Imaging. For questions about an order or for general support, contact support@shootproof.com or (866) 516-5130 and we'll be happy to help!