Can clients search in their galleries? (EXIF data)

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Photographers that require a search feature in their galleries can have this feature turned on in their accounts by contacting Support (send us an email at If you add keywords or descriptions to the EXIF data of your photos in Lightroom, Aperture, or any other EXIF editor of your choice, the data is stored by ShootProof and can be made available for search by clients in your ShootProof galleries. 

Set up EXIF Search:

1. Contact ShootProof Support ( to have the feature turned on in your account.

2. Go to Photos > Galleries > the specific Gallery you'd like to enable the search feature on

3. Click on Settings > Advanced > EXIF Search Label

4. Name your search box (for example, BIB Number, Student ID, Race Number, etc.)

After naming an EXIF Search on a particular gallery, a search icon will appear in the client view of that gallery. A client can search for the appropriate text, and only images with matching data in the keyword or description field of the EXIF data will show up.

Advanced Tools:

Each keyword in an EXIF-enabled gallery has its own URL. You can use this tool if you need to send a link to a client that will show only a specific group of photos related to one keyword:

For example, for a studio named DemoStudio, if the gallery number was 123456 and the keyword was preschool, this URL would take a visitor straight to all of the photos from gallery 123456 that contained the keyword "preschool" -



** Keep in mind that the EXIF data search functionality can only index the first 250 characters assigned in the metadata of the image. Any characters that exceed the initial 250 characters will not have any search results within the gallery.