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HC Pro Add-Ons

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HC Pro offers several add-on options, such as mounting options, color correction, and boutique packaging. These add-ons can only be added to orders by the studio after the client has placed the order. 

In this article, you will learn about the following add-ons for HC Pro:

Mounting Options 

Adding Mounting to Prints 

Color Correction


Mounting Options 

HC Pro currently offers 3 types of mounting for photographic print orders through ShootProof. Print mounting is a process where photographic prints are mounted to a substrate (matboard, styrene, foam, etc.) to enhance the presentation of the print and increase durability. HC Pro offers the following mounting options:

  • Foam Core Mounting
  • Gator Foam Mounting
  • Black Edged Mount 


Adding Mounting to Prints 

Mounting options can be added to items in an order by clicking the Edit Item button on an individual item. The available mounting and texture options will show for the selected, along with the associated cost. Options and prices vary based on the print type and size.  


Color Correction

Color Correction is an optional add-on when fulfilling orders with HC Pro through ShootProof. Color Correction can be added in the lab approval process for each order that you submit to HC Pro through ShootProof and the lab will perform the color correction prior to printing.

Corrections may adjust for skin tones and includes slight color, density, and contrast adjustments.

The price for color correction from HC Pro is a flat price of $1.00 AUD per unique image in the order. This means that if Image A was being printed at ten different sizes in a particular order, you would only be charged one time for color correction for that file.   

For each order, you will see the total price for optionally color correcting the order in the add-ons section of the lab order approval for HC Pro. 


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