How do my clients receive their free digital files?

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When your client visits a gallery with Free Digital permissions enabled, he or she will have the option to download images with one click, and will not be required to place an order or checkout. They will simply hover over an image and click the download icon at the bottom of the image. The file will immediately download to their computer or mobile device!

If you've enabled Download All permission, a download button will appear in the top right corner of the gallery.       


After they click Download All they'll be prompted to enter a PIN, if applicable. They'll then see a pop-up directing them to click the zip file link. If the gallery is large or has multiple albums within it, they may need to click multiple zip file links. The zip files will download directly to their computer or mobile device, and they'll receive an email with the zip file link as well.


If several seconds pass and the zip bundles aren't ready for download, they'll receive messages in the pop-up that the zip files will be delivered via email instead. 




Note:  The download link emailed to your client expires 7 days after its creation. If a client clicks the link after that 7 day period, and the gallery is still active in your account, the link will be regenerated and your client will receive a new email with a new download link.

If the gallery has been Archived or is Inactive, the link cannot be regenerated, and they will be taken to your ShootProof Portfolio Website instead. You can un-Archive or Reactivate the gallery and your client will be able to generate a new link by clicking on the original link again.

If the gallery has been deleted, you will need to re-upload the photos and send your client a new download link. The original link will no longer work and it cannot regenerate automatically.