KISS Books + ShootProof

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When your wedding clients want and expect beautiful, modern, high-end artisan wedding albums, KISS Books is the place to turn. ShootProof's integration with KISS means that your workflow is simple: upload photos once, create album designs, order books, and deliver them to your clients!


Use Your ShootProof Images to Build a KISS Book

1. Log in to your KISS account here:

2. Click Create New

3. Name your design and click New Design

4. Click the ShootProof logo at the bottom 

5. If this is your first time using KISS and ShootProof together, authorize your account

6. Click ShootProof again

7. Select the gallery or album that has the photos you'd like to import


Have questions about KISS Books, what they offer, or how to integrate with your ShootProof account? You can reach out to their support team here