Album Parrot + ShootProof

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What is Album Parrot?

Album Parrot is an online album-proofing service that integrates directly with your ShootProof galleries to provide one-window album review and approval of wedding albums, accordion books, and more! When you link your ShootProof and Album Parrot accounts, clients can suggest photo swaps, leave moveable comments, and approve final edits with just one click.

How the Partnership Works

Within your Album Parrot account, upload the album spreads that you would like your client to review. From here you can link to individual spreads in your ShootProof account, or upload them directly from your computer. The first time you try to link a ShootProof gallery, you will be prompted to connect your account. Once this is done, your galleries and albums will appear, and you can select the album or gallery that you would like to link. Once the gallery is linked, any changes you make to that gallery on ShootProof will be automatically updated on your Album Parrot proof.

Album Parrot Help

For additional help with linking your ShootProof account to Album Parrot, email their support team at