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Using an outdated web browser makes your computer unsafe. ShootProof recommends both photographers and clients make use of the latest browsers to take advantage of all our features and ensure no issues.

What browsers are supported for my ShootProof Studio Panel?

ShootProof currently supports the current and previous three versions released (not Beta) of these browsers:

Unsure of what browser you're using? Visit and find out if you need to update.

Browser Troubleshooting Tips

Outdated web browsers are the most common cause of any errors on ShootProof. If your browser is in the list above and you're still having an issue, try some of the following steps:

1.  Update your browser, if you have not already.
2.  Quit and re-open your browser.
3.  Attempt to use a different browser, such as Google Chrome.
4.  Restart your computer completely and re-try the task.

If you're still experiencing issues after completing these steps, please contact us.

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