Stripe for International Studios

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We're excited to offer Stripe Standard for our international* studios! With Stripe, your client remains on their ShootProof checkout page to complete their transaction, giving them a more trusted and elevated experience.

There's no monthly or yearly fee to use Stripe International, but you may incur transaction fees through Stripe. Once your client has paid for their order at checkout, the funds will go directly into your Stripe account and you'll receive the order information from ShootProof.

ShootProof has no visibility into payment sent through third-party processors. Contact Stripe Support directly for more information or help with specific transactions.

For studios with existing Stripe Standard accounts, your ShootProof Stripe account will be linked to your existing account if you sign up using the same login email and phone number. You can access it through the Accounts drop-down menu in your Stripe Standard account.

*Stripe International is available to all non-U.S. studios excluding those located in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Israel, Philippines, and South Africa.

Set Up Stripe for International Studios

If you do not have a payment processor set up through ShootProof and want to set up Stripe International, follow these instructions:

1. Go to the Account icon at the top right and navigate to Accept Credit Cards

Click Start Setup and you'll be routed to a Stripe page to enter your information


2. Enter your email address

  • If you have an existing Stripe account, be sure to use the same email address when you set up your ShootProof Stripe account

3. Set up multi-factor authentication through Stripe

  • Chose to use either a mobile number, an authenticator app, or security key 

  • If you have an existing Stripe account, be sure to use the same authentication method when you set up your ShootProof Stripe account

4. Finish filling out the required information in Stripe

  • On the Business details page, make sure to select "Photography studios" in the Industry drop-down menu


5. Add the bank account where you'd like payouts sent 

  • Select or search for your bank on the page, or manually add your bank using your routing and account number 

6. Review your information for accuracy, then click Agree & Submit

  • After you click Submit, you will be routed back to your ShootProof account

  • To make changes to your Stripe setup, click the View Account button

Switch to Stripe for International Studios

If you already have a payment processor set up and want to switch to Stripe International, go to Account (that tiny head and shoulders button in the very top right of your account) > Accept Credit Cards. 

Click on the blue View other gateway options button to be taken to the page for your current payment processor. 

Once there, click the red Remove Gateway button to disconnect your current processor, then return to the Accept Credit Cards tab and follow the instructions in the Set Up Stripe International section.