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WHCC offers three shipping options through your ShootProof account for each order. For each client order, you will have the option for the lab to ship directly to your customer at the address provided at checkout, to your studio/home, or any other address that you specify.

Your clients will not see any lab branding or print cost with the order. Please note that shipping time does not include in-lab production time. 


Shipping to the United States (available to clients of US and Canada-based studios)

FLAT RATE for all WHCC orders:

$9.99 for Standard Shipping (USPS -trackable to destination) - up to 10 business days for orders 8x12 and smaller

$15.99 for Standard Shipping (Ground - trackable to destination) - up to 10 business days for orders larger than 8x12

$27.99 for Standard Overnight Shipping (next business day)

$34.99 for Priority Overnight Shipping (next business day)


Shipping to Canada (available to clients of US and Canada-based studios)

$26.99 Ground Shipping to Canada

* WHCC does not ship to the Northwest Territories, the Yukon or Nunavut. For all other orders to Canada, WHCC will currently cover additional shipping fees (tax and duty) so at no time should the customer be responsible for any additional shipping fees on their end.


Learn about your options for charging your clients for shipping in your price sheets, which is independent of what the lab will charge you for shipping. 

Shipping multiple orders to the same address? Learn how to combine orders prior to lab submission to save your studio on shipping costs.

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