About the WHCC + ShootProof Partnership

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WHCC has two production facilities in the U.S., both located in Eagan, MN. 

WHCC understands the importance of selling your clients on the value of investing in photographic art. Photographers, artists, and designers worldwide trust WHCC to fulfill their creative vision in a tangible and lasting way. WHCC handcrafts products from the finest professional materials. Color accuracy and consistency are always a priority. See your art at its very best, just the way you intend it to be.

WHCC provides a wide selection of innovative products that go beyond the camera, so you can inspire your clients, sell more, and grow your business.

In today’s fast-paced world, speed matters. When you’re up against a nearly impossible deadline, every moment counts. That's why WHCC always works at top speed, without lowering our standards for quality and service. 

WHCC uses 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper for all internal operations. It saves 192 million BTUs of energy, 25,000 lbs of greenhouse gases, and 100,000 gallons of wastewater per year.

WHCC recycles 150+ tons of packaging materials annually, using boxes made under the Sustainable Forest Initiative. Shipping from a central location means less air-based shipping and fewer pollutants.

Visit WHCC's About Page to learn more.

Printing with WHCC

ShootProof allows you to upload, share, and sell your work in public or private client galleries and WHCC can provide print fulfillment for your orders. 

You do NOT need your own WHCC account to print with WHCC through your ShootProof account! If you do have your own account, you will continue to receive the same level of quality and consistency that you have come to expect from WHCC when submitting orders through ShootProof.

There are no order minimums when submitting orders to the lab through ShootProof.

ShootProof handles the customer service for all orders submitted through ShootProof to WHCC. For questions about an order or for general support, contact support@shootproof.com or (866) 516-5130 and we'll be happy to help!