What is ShootProof Pay?

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ShootProof Pay is a payment processor, powered by Stripe, and is available to all U.S.-based studios. Use ShootProof Pay to collect Order and Invoice payments from clients quickly, safely, and professionally.

With ShootProof Pay, your clients pay for their order, with any major credit card, right within their gallery or invoice, creating a  seamless client experience. We'll automatically pay the lab costs on your behalf, leaving your profit available for daily, weekly, or monthly automatic payouts to your connected bank account, or Instant Payouts to your debit card.

If you already have a Legacy ShootProof Payments account, it's easy to connect the new ShootProof Pay to your existing bank account, and if you're new to selling through ShootProof, quickly connect your bank account with just a few clicks.




What are the fees for processing payments through ShootProof Pay?

The credit card processing fee for ShootProof Pay is 2.9%, plus $.30 per transaction.  There is no additional fee to transfer funds from your ShootProof Pay account to your bank account with automated payouts.

If you're eligible for Instant Payouts, funds can be transferred directly to your debit card within 30 minutes. Instant Payouts are subject to a 1.5% fee, with a minimum of $1.50 for payout.


When will I receive my funds?

Payouts are available to you 2-5 business days after they are processed through ShootProof Pay. The more orders you process through ShootProof Pay, the sooner your funds will be available. Learn more about Payouts. 


Can I issue refunds with ShootProof Pay?

Yes, you can issue full or partial refunds to your clients directly from the order page for up to 180 days after Order or Invoice payments. Learn more about issuing refunds.


What is Stripe?

Stripe's payment technology is the platform for ShootProof Pay. Stripe makes it possible for your clients to pay quickly, easily, and securely online from right within their galleries and invoices. Learn more about Stripe.

What is Plaid?

Plaid is a trusted, secure technology that facilitates ACH transfers by connecting your bank account to ShootProof Pay. Learn more about Plaid.





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