ShootProof Pay FAQs

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Q. What is ShootProof Pay and what are the fees?

ShootProof Pay is a payment processor available to all U.S.-based studios. Use ShootProof Pay to collect Order and Invoice payments from clients quickly, safely, and professionally. The payment processing fee for ShootProof Pay is  2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. 


Q.  I already have a Stripe account, why can’t I use that one?

Creating a ShootProof Pay account establishes your financial relationship with ShootProof, rather than with Stripe. This allows ShootProof to process funds, mitigate risk, and handle disputes on your behalf.

Q. Do I have to get rid of my existing payment processor?

Yes. In order to connect ShootProof Pay, you must first disconnect your existing payment processor, as each ShootProof account can only have one active processor at a time. But don't worry, your records and reports will stay intact.

Q. If I get rid of my existing payment processor, can I go back?

Once you switch to the new, improved ShootProof Pay, you will no longer have access to other payment processors.

Q. Why is two-factor authentication required for ShootProof Pay? 

The security of your ShootProof account and your funds are important to us. We require two-factor authentication to reinforce the security of your account and prevent bad actors from accessing your funds. 


Q. What payment methods can my clients pay with when I use ShootProof Pay?

When you use ShootProof Pay, your clients have the option to pay with any major credit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. To use Google Pay or Apple Pay, they will need to have one of those options enabled on the device they're ordering from.

Q. How do I receive my payouts?

When setting up ShootProof Pay, you’ll be asked to select a Payment Schedule and connect a bank account. Payouts of all available funds will automatically occur at 00:00:00 UTC (8pm ET)according to your selection:

  • Daily - payouts of available funds occur daily

  • Weekly - payouts of available funds occur every Monday

  • Monthly - payouts of available funds occur on the 1st of each month

If you are eligible for Instant Payouts, you can request a manual instant payout of available funds in the Payments tab. There is a 1.5% processing fee for instant payouts and the funds are sent to the debit card on file. You must have a debit card on file in order to receive instant payouts. 

Q. Why do you need a debit card for Instant Payouts?

Because banks rely on time-consuming ACH transfers for transferring money, instant payouts are sent to a debit card instead. Most of the time, you’ll see the funds posted on your debit card within 30 minutes of the payout request.

Q. Why is the amount I’m able to withdraw limited with Instant Payouts?

If you are eligible for Instant Payouts, your daily and weekly Instant Payout amount is limited. This allows our team to monitor transactions and proactively identify fraudulent activity that could potentially be harmful to your business.

Q. When will my profits become available?

We’re committed to keeping your business safe! Delaying the availability of funds by 2-5 days helps ensure security for you and your clients. As you process more payments, your profits will become available sooner. Some reasons for a longer delay may include:

  • The payment you received may be considered unusual for your selling pattern.
  • Your account was inactive for a while.
  • Our system noticed you only started using payments recently, so your history with us is short.

Q. I am eligible for Instant Payouts, so why is there still a hold time on some of my funds?

If you’re eligible for Instant Payouts, you can only request a payout from your available funds. With Instant Payouts, funds generally become available 2 days earlier than they would with automatic payouts. 

Q. How do I get access to Instant Payouts?

All studios in a paid ShootProof plan have access to Instant Payouts. Studios still in their 14-day trial period or in our Free Plan* are not eligible for Instant Payouts.

*If you downgrade from a paid plan to a Free Plan, you will lose access to Instant Payouts. 


Q. Why am I being asked for my social security number?

If you register for ShootProof Pay as an individual rather than a business, you’ll be required to provide a social security number for identification purposes. This is required by financial regulators to promote transparency and prevent individuals from using complex company structures to hide terrorist financing, money laundering, tax evasion, and other financial crimes.

Q. Can I use my EIN number instead?

Yes! If you register for ShootProof Pay as a Partnership, LLC, or Corporation, you’ll have the opportunity to use an EIN rather than a social security number.

Q. What happens when my payment account goes negative?

Some events may result in a negative balance in your ShootProof Pay account. For example, if you refund a client after transferring the funds to your bank account, or if the client’s order total is greater than the funds you collected at checkout, your balance may fall below zero. If this occurs, ShootProof Pay will withdraw funds from your connected bank account the next day to bring your ShootProof Pay account to $0.


Q. Is there a minimum order amount when using ShootProof Pay?

Stripe requires a $.50 minimum order amount. If your client's cart total is less than $.50, they'll be notified that they've not reached the order minimum. They'll have the opportunity to edit their cart (remove Promo Code and/or add additional items) to satisfy the minimum order requirement.

Q. When will my client’s card be charged?

If an order has any lab-fulfilled items in it, your client’s card will be not be charged until you approve the order to go to the lab. After your client finishes the checkout process, they’ll receive an order confirmation email notifying them that their card will be charged when you, the photographer, approve the order.
If an order does not have any lab-fulfilled items or your client is paying an invoice, your client’s card will be charged at checkout or when the payment is submitted.   


Q. Why was my client's card declined?

There are many reasons that a client's card may be declined at checkout. Most commonly, clients enter their billing information or CVC incorrectly. You can see the reason a client's charge was declined by going into your ShootProof Pay portal (Account > Accept Credit Cards > View Account) and hovering over the Failed label or by clicking the See Details button.


See this Stripe article for a comprehensive listing of decline codes, descriptions, and next steps.


Q. What happens to my open invoices when I switch to ShootProof Pay?

If you have a client enrolled in AutoPay, their credit card will be removed when you switch to ShootProof Pay. Your client will need to re-enroll in order to take advantage of AutoPay after you switch payment processors. If your client manually pays their invoice, they will continue to enter their credit card each time they make a payment.