What happens to my contracts when I move down to the Free Plan?

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Studios in all plans, even the Free Plan, can browse the Marketplace. However, accounts in the Free Plan are unable to buy, send, or sign contracts. You can always view the monthly and yearly plan options within your account to take advantage of this feature!

Should you choose to downgrade your plan to the Free Plan after you have contracts created in your account, your most recently signed contracts are packaged and sent to you in a .zip file via email. Templates you've purchased in the Marketplace, or those you have created yourself,  remain associated with your account; if you upgrade to a paid plan in the future, those templates will be available for use once again. 

*Note that if you shift between the Free Plan and a paid plan repeatedly, the .zip file will contain only the most recently signed contracts.  For example: If you have 5 signed contracts and then move to the Free Plan, then move back to the Paid Plan and have three clients sign contracts, when you move back to the Free Plan again, the .zip file will contain only the last 3 signed contracts. The previous .zip file containing the first 5 contracts will be overwritten.

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