How do I create email templates?

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Creating templates for your emails allows you to customize the default text to match your brand's voice and tone. Plus, it saves you time; you no longer have to type the same email content over and over again every time you contact a client!

To create an email template:

1.  Go to Studio > Email

2.  Click "Templates"

3.  Click "New Template"

4.  Complete the necessary information

  • Give your template a name (maybe "Gallery Released - Newborns" or "Gallery Expiring - Wedding Clients")
  • Select a template type (depending on the type you choose, we'll provide some content for you and you can set certain custom variables in your text)
  • Customize the title of the email
  • Enter the text that will appear in the body of the email.  * Hint:  use the "(( ))" icon to add in variables, which ShootProof will automatically fill in for you for the specific gallery referenced in the email.

5.  Click "Save"

* It's important to note that email templates have a specific place in your Studio Panel where they can be sent. Check the chart here to be sure you're creating the correct template!

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