Create and Customize Price Sheets

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You can create multiple price sheets for your different pricing needs in your account. Each price sheet can include products from one of ShootProof’s partner labs, as well as self-fulfilled products. Self-fulfilled items are products that the lab doesn’t offer through ShootProof, but that you’d still like to offer your clients. You’re responsible for ordering self-fulfilled items directly through the lab of your choice. Price sheets can contain a combination of lab-fulfilled and self-fulfilled items, but you can only lab-fulfill from one ShootProof partner lab on each price sheet.

Create a Price Sheet

  1. Go to Store > Price Sheets > Create Price Sheet

  2. Choose one of the following price sheet types:
    • Commonly Sold Items - These price sheets include the most common print sizes and items that we see studios offering through that lab. They also include the suggested markup pricing for those items. You may add or remove any items and adjust the markup once you create the price sheet.

    • Blank - This creates a completely blank price sheet. 

    • Duplicate a saved Price Sheet - This option allows you to copy an existing price sheet. Duplicated price sheets will be the same type of fulfillment and lab as the original price sheet. For example, if duplicating a self-fulfilled price sheet, the new price will also be self-fulfilled.

  3. Then select a lab (or self-fulfillment) and click Next

  4. Name your price sheet and click Create Price Sheet

In your new price sheet, you will now see 5 tabs: Store, Packages, Shipping, Taxes, and Terms of Sale.



When you create a price sheet, you'll start in the Store tab, where you can add, edit, and arrange all the item categories and items that you want to sell. 


Within your price sheet, items will be organized into categories that your client will see when they click Buy Photo in their gallery. Each price sheet will automatically have 6 categories in it:

  • Prints
  • Fine Art Prints
  • Digitals
  • Canvases
  • Metals
  • Products

If you do not add items to a category, then that category will not show in the gallery. You can also delete these categories if you don't want them on your price sheet. 

You can add other categories by clicking the Add Category button. You can have more than one category for item types, such as a category for Small Prints and another category for Large Prints. 

The available items from a lab only show when you are in that particular category. For example, if you want to add a print to be fulfilled through the lab, you would need to add that to a Prints category. 

You can rearrange categories by clicking on the top left side of the category box and dragging it to the desired spot.


To add items to a category, click on the category and then click the Add Products button at the top right of the page. Depending on the category, you will have the option to add both lab-fulfilled and self-fulfilled items or just self-fulfilled items. 

You can add multiple items at once by selecting the items and then clicking Add Items at the bottom right of the page.

Once you've added the items you want to offer, set your prices by updating them in the Price column for each item or by applying a bulk markup percentage using the Edit Markup button in the top right corner. 

To rearrange item size groups, click and hold on the left side of the item group and drag and drop it into the order that you want. To rearrange items within a size group, click and hold on the right side of the item and drag and drop it into the order that you want.

You can add an item description, sample images, and additional shipping to a specific item by clicking the Edit icon on the right side of the page, under Actions. 

If you want to remove an item from a price sheet, click the Delete icon on the right side of the page, under Actions. You can also delete multiple items at once by checking the Select box to the left of the item name and then clicking the blue Delete above the Select buttons. 


In this tab, you can create packages of items to offer your clients. You can learn more about creating packages here.


The shipping options set here apply to all items on the price sheet, except those added to the Digitals group.

The Shipping Title is the title that will show to the client in the Order Summary on the checkout page.

Select Use Lab Shipping for lab-fulfilled price sheets if you'd like to charge your client the same shipping that the lab will charge your studio. This option allows you to break even on shipping costs. If you choose to use the lab shipping option, you can also toggle on Allow customers to select a shipping speed at checkout, which lets your client select any shipping option offered by the lab.

If you're using a self-fulfilled price sheet, or you prefer to set your own shipping prices, select Use Custom Shipping. Be aware that if you're fulfilling through a lab, you will still be charged the lab's shipping charges when you submit the order. 

You can learn about charging shipping here.


Add a Tax Title to indicate to your client the type of taxes you are collecting, for example, "State Sales Tax". Set the tax percentage for a price sheet in the Tax Percentage box. This tax amount will apply to all items* on the price sheet. 

If you want to charge sales tax ONLY on orders placed in a specific state or province, use the State/Province drop-down menu to make this selection. For example, if you select New York, ONLY those clients with New York addresses will be charged the applicable sales tax. A client ordering in Pennsylvania WOULD NOT be charged sales tax. 

For studios located in countries that require this inclusive tax, please supply your VAT Number here.

*By default, ShootProof-fulfilled digital downloads and shipping costs are tax-exempt. You can check next to the Charge tax on ShootProof-Fulfilled Digitals and/or Charge tax on shipping options if you require taxes to be collected on either of those. 

Please note: ShootProof does not submit taxes on your studio's behalf. Check with your CPA or the Department of Revenue for information about what sales taxes you're required to collect from your clients. It is the studio's responsibility to remit any taxes due to the correct authorities.

Terms of Sale

If you have Terms of Sale that you want to display for orders placed from this price sheet, you can add that in this tab. This message is displayed to the client at checkout. Clients must check a box confirming that they agree to these terms before they will be able to complete checkout.

These terms are also included in the order confirmation email that clients receive after completing their purchase.