How do I charge sales tax?

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  1. Go to Commerce > Pricing

  2.  Click on the price sheet

  3. Go to the Taxes tab

  4. In this section, enter the required information:
  • Tax Title - Give the tax area of your check out a custom title. Ex: State Sales Tax

  • Tax Percentage - Set the percentage of the subtotal of taxable items collected on each order.

  • State/Province - If you want to charge sales tax ONLY on orders placed in a specific state or province, use this drop-down menu to make this selection. Ex: If you select Georgia, ONLY those clients with Georgia addresses will be charged the applicable sales tax. A client ordering in Pennsylvania WOULD NOT be charged sales tax.

  • VAT Number (not required for all studios- If applicable, supply your VAT Number. Generally, this is only necessary for those studios with clients in countries that require this inclusive tax.

  • Charge tax on ShootProof-Fulfilled Digitals - Activate this option if you want to charge your client tax on the ShootProof-fulfilled digital items on your price sheet. 

  • Charge tax on shipping - Activate this option if you want to include shipping in your taxable subtotal. 

* ShootProof mails 1099-K forms by January 31st to any studio that had at least $20,000 in sales and 200 transactions processed through ShootProof Pay in accordance with IRS guidelines. For studios not meeting these IRS reporting minimums, no tax forms will be generated or submitted to the IRS by ShootProof.