Light Blue + ShootProof

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Light Blue is a powerful piece of software that not only provides a central location to keep track of inquiries, photo shoots, and appointments, but also organizes communication with clients, analyzes your marketing, and simplifies taxes, payments, and end-of-year financials.

How the Partnership Works

Once linked, your ShootProof account can send order details over to your Light Blue account. When someone places an order in one of your ShootProof galleries, it can be imported as a new Sale record. If the order was paid for online, Light Blue creates a Payment record to mark the order as paid and creates a Purchase record for any payment processing fees that were applied.

Watch how easy it is to link your ShootProof and Light Blue accounts:

Light Blue Support

You can learn more about linking your ShootProof account to your Light Blue account here.

Still have questions? Contact their support team at