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If you are looking for studio management software that integrates with your ShootProof account, ShootQ is a great option!

What is ShootQ?

ShootQ is a virtual studio manager that organizes your business and lets you keep track of tasks, appointments, contracts, and more. Your ShootProof galleries and their main contacts are automatically generated from your ShootQ bookings.

How the Partnership Works

From within your ShootQ account, simply authenticate your ShootProof account and your ShootProof galleries and their main contacts can be automatically generated from your ShootQ bookings. Spend less time doing paperwork and more time being creative (and selling your photos)!

ShootQ Help

For additional help linking your ShootProof account to ShootQ, click here, or send the ShootQ support team a message

As of February 2018, new ShootQ users will temporarily be unable to link their ShootProof accounts to ShootQ. We expect the integration for new users to resume later this year. For more information, contact ShootQ at 888-974-6687 (M-F 8am-5pm PT).

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