Billing - FAQ

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Where can I go to change or update my ShootProof plan?

If you go to the Plan & Billing page within your ShootProof account you can update your photo or music plan by selecting the button to the corresponding monthly or yearly plan that you'd like to move into.


Where can I go to view my billing history?

From the Plan & Billing page within your ShootProof account, you'll be able to see your billing history at the bottom of the page, along with your next billing date and the expected billing charge.


What happens if I upgrade or downgrade in the middle of my billing cycle?

You can make changes to your plan at any time. 

When you upgrade, we automatically prorate your remaining plan time and apply that toward the bill for your new plan. Your upgrade will take place immediately and your bill date will be updated to that date going forward. 

When you downgrade your plan, your new plan will not take effect until your next bill date. For example, if your current bill date is June 30th and you downgrade on June 15th, you will remain in your current plan until June 30th and then you will be billed for the new downgraded plan. 


I purchased a deal during one of ShootProof's sales. What happens when my deal expires?

Once the deal that you've purchased ends, you'll remain in the same monthly photo plan. We continue to bill you at the regular monthly rate. Shortly before your deal ends, we'll send you a notification to remind you of the upcoming renewal.


How can I use an account credit or referral credit that I have on my account?

You don't have to do anything at all! These credits are automatically applied to your photo plan, music plan, and marketplace purchases before we charge your credit card. You'll see these itemized during the checkout process so that you know exactly how much you'll end up paying.


I have a promo code. How can I apply it?

Send an email to and be sure to include the promo code in your message. If it's an active promo code, we'll take care of applying it to your account.