How does my client sign a contract?

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After you email a contract to a client, they'll simply open the email, click the link and sign the document on any device: computer, phone, or tablet!

How to sign a contract without fillable fields:

When the client arrives at the contract, they'll be required to enter the email address to which the contract was sent. Next, the client will read the document an then click the "Sign Contract" button at the top right. Using the mouse, touchpad, or fingertip, your client will sign in the signature field and check the box to consent to digital signature. Last, they'll click the "Sign" button.

How to sign a contract with fillable fields:

After entering their email address to access the contract, clients must click "Review Contract" to begin filling in blanks. Each field must be filled in before the client can sign the contract. If there are 2 signers to the contract, the Linked Contact must fill in all fields before the Second Signer is permitted to sign the contract.

To sign, each signer clicks "Sign Contract" at the top right and uses the mouse, touchpad, or fingertip to sign in the signature field, and checks the box to consent to a digital signature. Once they click the "Sign" button, the contract will be sent to the photographer for counter-signature.

Clients may print their signed documents any time by clicking the "Print" button at the top right of the contract page.