How do I use gallery presets?

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Gallery Presets allow you to customize and save your gallery settings, so that you don’t have to make changes to your settings every time you create a new one.

For instance, if you shoot weddings and seniors, you might have a preset for each one, with different price sheets, different minimum orders, different digital download permissions, and much more.

If you ever want to make a change to your settings for a specific gallery, you’ll be able to override any of these settings on your individual galleries.

We start you off with one Preset, which you can edit to fit your needs. Or, you can simply create a new one and start from scratch, customizing all of the pieces yourself!


Create a Gallery Preset

  1.  Go to Photos > Galleries > Gallery Presets in the top right
  2.  Select the preset we’ve created for you, or click New Preset and name it
  3.  Choose the settings you'd like applied to the gallery when this preset is used.  
  4.  Save


Your Preset is now available to be chosen when creating a new gallery!

Note that any changes to your gallery presets will only affect new galleries that you create. Changes here will not affect the settings for existing galleries.

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