What is a ShootProof Email Campaign and how do I create one?

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ShootProof Email Campaigns are series of emails, based on photography genre, pre-written and pre-scheduled to send automatically, based on gallery expiration dates. If you need a little getting started writing your emails, this is the best option for you!



1.  Go to Studio > Email > Campaigns
2.  Click "New Email Campaign" and give it a name
3.  Select the ShootProof Email Campaign you'd like to use.
*All ShootProof email campaigns work best with a gallery with a password and an expiration date. You can edit campaigns after you have created them by clicking the Review Emails button.

4. Use the Preview option to view the content of the emails before you create the campaign.

*Use the Review Emails button to make any edits to your email before assigning it to your gallery.*

5. Click Create.

6. After finalizing your email templates, use the Assign to Gallery button to link your new campaign with an existing gallery.


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