How do I send email campaigns to clients regarding Invoices?

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Automatically send email reminders to clients when they have an upcoming invoice payment, or when they have an overdue final payment. 

Clients enrolled in AutoPay will receive automatic email notifications, and their card on file will be charged on the payment due date. 


Create an invoice email campaign

  1. Go to Studio > Email > Templates

  2. Create the email template(s) you wish to use

    • Only Invoice Past Due Notice and Invoice Final Payment Reminder templates can be used in invoice campaigns

  3. Once your email templates are ready, go to the Campaigns tab

  4. Click New Email Campaign and select Custom Trigger-Based Email Campaign

  5. Give it a name (such as "Late Payments" or "Invoice Reminders")

  6. Complete the necessary information:

    • Email template - Choose the template you'd like to start with (you can add more emails later!)
    • Trigger Type - Choose to send the emails before or after the final payment date
    • Trigger Days - Choose the number of days for the trigger above
    • Recipients - For invoice campaigns, the only recipient option is the client listed on the invoice
    • Check the box next to Copy Studio on Sent Emails to receive the email as well

  7. Save the email

  8. To add another email, click the More Actions button on the campaign and select Add New Email


Assign this campaign to an invoice

You can assign the campaign to an invoice from the Campaigns tab or from within a specific invoice.

From the Campaigns tab:

  1. Go to Studio > Email > Campaigns

  2. Click the Assign to Invoice button on the campaign

  3. Select the invoice(s) from the list and click Assign to Invoice


From within an invoice:

  1. Go to Studio > Commerce > Invoices

  2. Select the Invoice

  3. Choose the correct series in the Email Campaigns drop-down menu

  4. Save