What is a Custom Trigger-Based Email Campaign and how do I create one?

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Custom Trigger-Based Email Campaigns use email templates written by you that are scheduled to send a certain number of days before or after certain gallery trigger dates, like Expiration Date, Gallery Release Date, or Order Due date. 

Create a Custom Trigger-Based Campaign

  1. Go to Studio > Email > Templates and create the email template(s) you wish to use

  2. Then go to the Campaigns tab and click New Email Campaign 

  3. Select the Custom Trigger-Based Campaign option

  4. Name the campaign

  5. Complete the necessary information:

    • Email template - Choose the template you'd like to start with (you can add more emails later!)
    • Trigger Type - Choose to send the emails before or after various dates set in the gallery
      • These dates can be set in the General tab of the Gallery Settings
    • Trigger Days - Choose the number of days for the trigger above
    • Recipients - Choose the type of gallery visitor that will receive this email or sent it to just the Linked Contact
      • Check the box next to Copy Studio on Sent Emails to receive the email as well

  6. Click Create Campaign

  7. To add another email to this campaign, click More Actions > Add Email and repeat the above steps for every email you'd like sent in this campaign

  8. When you're finished with the campaign, click Assign to Gallery to choose a gallery or galleries whose visitors you'd like to email

  9. Be sure to set the send time you want on the right side of the pageScreen Shot 2023-02-24 at 10.45.29 AM.png