How do I use Gallery Intro Messages?

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Enhance your clients' gallery experiences with a brief intro message or video clip.

When enabled, a Gallery Visitor message appears before clients see their gallery images. It's a great way to provide important information, a personalized message, or ordering instructions. If you are offering prints and products for sale, use this message as a chance to offer a promo code! Read more about discounts here.

To get started:

  1. Head over to Photos > Galleries
  2. Use Actions and select Settings
  3. Enter the Layout section
  4. Select to add a video or a text message
  5. Add a required Headline 
    • This gives your message a brief title. Try, "Welcome to your Gallery" or "An Important Message!"
  6. Add your message!


If you plan to use the same message on each gallery or type of gallery you upload, add a Gallery Intro Message to your Gallery Presets