What is a Custom Date-Based Email Campaign and how do I create one?

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Custom Date-Based Email Campaigns allow you to choose specific dates to automatically send emails. This type of campaign is perfect for promoting holiday sales or celebrating occasions like birthdays or anniversaries with follow-up emails. 



1.  Go to Studio > Email > Campaigns

2.  Choose Custom Date-Based Campaign
3.  Click "New Email Campaign" and give it a name (such as "Wedding Campaign" or "Newborn Client Campaign")
4.  Select the following:
Email template - choose the template you'd like sent
Trigger Date - set the date this template will send
Audience - select who will receive the email
(such as "all visitors to a gallery")
5.  Create!
6.  Click "More Actions" and then “Add Email” to repeat the above steps for every email you'd like sent in this campaign.
7. Click "Assign to Gallery" to choose a gallery or galleries whose visitors you'd like to email.

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